Stile Replacement Fund – free for landowners and residents

trash binThe Council also agreed on the budget for an innovative new scheme to improve footpaths around the Parish by helping landowners replace stiles and inaccessible footpaths. Those with mobility issues and older walkers are discouraged from regular exercise and improvements to their well-being by the difficulties they face with stiles, along with those with dogs or pushchairs.

Pensax Parish Council will offer every local landowner the opportunity to replace and upgrade their step stiles to become accessible gates by providing a replacement metal, galvanised, BS5709:2018-compliant gate. Engaged landowners are also offered trailhead waste bins, small signage, and information boards – education for the responsible path user.

signWith the Lengthsman’s help installing these, we hope these gates will open the network for responsible path users.

Pensax parish landowners please contact the